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Virtual Program

Welcome to the Virtual Program for Two Feet & A Heartbeat Walk

You are able to access these videos at any time but as a guide, we have added some times so that it reflects what would have happened if you were at an event. We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy being part of this virtual HeartKids community. #twofeet #twofeetheartbeat #myvirtualwalk

Program for the day
9.55 am Welcome to Country10 am Memorial Service

Thanks go to Gyton Grantley, Tegan Pratt,  Siobhan Cotchin and Ross Waldron (Videographer) for their generous contribution to this video and to all the families who shared their Heart Angel photos.

Warm Up

Yoga - Stretch the body before you head off on your 4km or 8km walk around your local neighbourhood.

10.15am-11.30am - Walk commences

Listen to Two Feet & A Heartbeat SPOTIFY PLAYLIST during the walk . 

Don't forget to wear your socks and wave your flag and share your images #twofeetheartbeat

After the walk

Well done for completing the walk as we honour our Heart Angels and celebrate our heart kids strength. Don’t forget to warm down. This is a bit of fun for all the family to try.

Warm Down

F45 Warm Down - Thanks to our friends at F45 Training for putting together a warm down session for you. 


Music to enjoy on the day

We have a number of amazing songs for you to listen to. Thank you to Cassia Ivers-Bradley, Kav Temperley (Solo Artist, Eskimo Joe Frontman and stepfather to Cassia), Beth Temperley (Production Manager, Cassia’s Mother & Kav's wife), Siobahn Cotchin (singer-songwriter), Sundown Studios where all songs were recorded and mixed and filmed by Maverick Lam.

Heart Kid Cassia Ivers-Bradley sings a duet with her stepdad Kav Temperley. A stunning rendition of Under the Sea. You can learn about Cassia's journey here


Kav Temperley (Solo artist and lead singer of Eskimo Joe) has donated his time to perform this amazing song - Graduation. Helping honour and support our Heart Angels and Heart Warriors.

Singer-songwriter Siobhan Cotchin has generously donated her time to sing " I will always love you". The song is featured in this year's memorial video. 

Readings with Hayley and Mike

Enjoy HeartKids Ambassador Hayley Raso as she reads along with Sarah Griffiths the author of her book Hayley's Ribbon. Profits from the book all go back to HeartKids. Thanks, Hayley for your ongoing support.

Reading with Mike: Gather the kids for some quiet time with Mike Whalley as he reads to the kids. We have two books to enjoy depending on the child's age.

Who doesn't love some MAGIC and a few laughs? We have a new video from Bingo Jack. 

Bingo Jack & Ginger

Thank you for walking with us, we hope you had a memorable day