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Why we walk

Two Feet & A Heartbeat is for HeartKids families to pay tribute to their heart kids and have a moment of reflection for our Heart Angels. The broader community are encouraged to join the walk-in support of our community and to raise awareness for congenital heart disease. 

Every day 8 children are born with a heart defect, that is a family every 3 hours whose life will change in a heartbeat. Four lives are tragically lost each week. CHD is the leading cause of death in Australian babies under the age of one. Over 65,000 Australian children and adults live with CHD, with the impact extended to their many family members and carers.  Unfortunately undergoing heart surgery is not a cure - children with congenital heart disease will face unique challenges for the rest of their lives and for many, this includes ongoing medical treatment and repeated heart surgeries.  

HeartKids Australia continues to rely on our community to help raise awareness and advocate for each other. Money that is raised through this walk goes back into the community through HeartKids support programs and delivering services including in-hospital and family support programs, camps for children and young people living with CHD, as well as vital education days and peer support programs to help families cope with the significant impact of the disease. HeartKids is also there to help support those who are at their most vulnerable through financial assistance, bereavement support and our Helpline giving families direct access to someone who can assist them or simply be there to listen to concerns and fears for the future.  

HeartKids’ goal in 2021 is to increase access to our support services and programs across Australia, with a particular focus on those living in isolated communities. 


Each participant will receive a pair of socks and a flag representing their journey.

White – Heart Angel Families 

Red – heart kid supporters, friends and family 

Blue -  heart kids

Walk at an event Walk virtually